Re-inspection Surveys

ESSS is acredited for the undertaking of re-inspection surveys.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 requires that the condition of asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) must be inspected regularly and records updated accordingly. The frequency of the asbestos inspection regime must not exceed 12 months but is dictated by the nature of risk that the asbestos poses. The risk is assessed by the type, extent, condition and location of the asbestos.

Re-inspection surveys are designed to allow our competent surveyor to monitor and record the condition of any previously identified asbestos products.

Like any building material, asbestos containing materials are also subject to potential damage and degradation. As an asbestos product degrades it can be more likely to become a hazard to health, and therefore should be inspected at regular intervals to ensure its condition has not deteriorated.

For this type of survey to be undertaken an existing asbestos survey or asbestos register should be in place. Our surveyor will use the existing information to locate previously identified asbestos products and reassess its condition. The survey report itself will include new photographs of those materials together with a new recommendation on how to safely manage those materials.

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