Management of Asbestos in Buildings

After ACM’s data has been recorded in the Alpha Tracker a suitable management programme can be drawn up. The factors affecting the risk posed by ACM’s on site are:

Product type
Extent of damage or deterioration
Asbestos type
Surface treatment

*People's (human) exposure frequency
*Likelihood of disturbance
*Use of the building/premises
*Maintenance type and frequency
*These parameters should preferably be assessed by the duty-holder

Alpha Tracker can be incorporated into a client's existing management system, which may include the preparation of permit-to-work systems and the production of a formal Asbestos Policy and Management Plan.

Management Actions
Typical management actions might include: updating the log of asbestos materials; periodic re-inspection of condition of confirmed or presumed ACM's; change of use of premises; reassessment of risk following change in condition or use; restrict access to or isolate areas; label ACM's; inform staff and contractors; train those affected by or likely to come into contact with ACM's; institute safe work procedures and/or permit-to-work systems.

Control Actions
Some of the asbestos materials may require remedial works (e.g. removal or encapsulation) due to their poor condition or lack of surface treatment, or because they have been scheduled for removal as part of an overall management strategy to remove asbestos over a period of time. Environmental & Site Safety Solutions Limited (ESSS) are ideally placed to co-ordinate such remedial works to ensure the smooth running of the project and compliance with all relevant legislation.

Providing Information
In all situations involving the effective management of asbestos, it is important to ensure that information is readily available and is actively disseminated to the appropriate people. As part of an asbestos management plan, all employees or building occupants need to be made aware of the location of ACM's and associated risks and be given clear instructions to report any damage or deterioration to a central coordinator.

These are the people identified by the HSE as being most at risk due to the possibility of inadvertent exposure to asbestos. The possibility of finding further concealed asbestos materials during any opening-up works always exists and, as such, it would be the responsibility of the duty-holder to instigate appropriate remedial action and update the management plan.

Planning Supervisors
If a project falls under the auspices of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, the appointed Planning Supervisor must be informed of the whereabouts of all asbestos materials, for inclusion in the pre-tender Health & Safety plan.

Emergency Services
Emergency services need to be able to access this information readily, when necessary.

The Role of ESSS
ESSS can provide expert consultancy services to clients to assist them in drawing up and maintaining their Asbestos Management Plan. Our computerised asbestos management database (Alpha Tracker) can assist greatly in this regard.

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