Asbestos Auditing Services

ESSS appreciates that identifying and servicing your asbestos needs is only half of the challenge you are faced with. Like any other aspect of business its continued monitoring and evaluation is key to its success or shortcomings.
With the constant demands of a business’s core activities, coupled with the specialist approach required when dealing with asbestos, this challenge can become overwhelming and cause difficulties.

ESSS Asbestos Auditing Services relieves that pressure from its clients, giving them assurance and peace of mind that their legal obligations are being satisfied; their asbestos needs are being met, and allows them to focus on their business.

Each client’s asbestos specification and services received will differ, and inevitably change over time. Therefore ESSS guarantees to accurately review each unique need and service of its clients with bespoke auditing services.


There are however certain key auditing services each and every client can benefit from:

  1. Company & Personnel Auditing – Whether you are re-assessing an existing Asbestos company, personnel and contract or considering a new appointment, ESSS is well positioned to assist you in that decision making process as industry experts. We will consider a range of criteria both industry and client specific including the likes of: Accreditations, Qualifications, Insurances, Policies, Procedures, Documentation and relevant experience.

  2. Service Auditing – Irrespective of the asbestos service(s) a client receives or requires ESSS is able to guide its client on an Asbestos Company’s capabilities and performance. Such services will include the likes of: Surveys. Air Monitoring, Bulk Analysis, Four Stage Clearance, Asbestos Removal.

  3. Report Auditing – The collection of important data, and the conversion of that data into useful information which can be utilised for the purpose of managing asbestos/properties is key. ESSS will make sure that the necessary data is accurately captured and correctly interpreted and that reporting formats are in line with industry standards.

  4. Management Auditing – The management of asbestos within properties covers all aspects of management from the initial identification and scheduling of service works through to the continued and on-going management of those properties. This includes the likes of: Recommendations and Action Plans.

  5. Pricing & Timeframe Auditing – ESSS can assist its clients in achieving value for money, maximising returns on investment and implementing realistic and attainable targets.
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